Book of Tattoo is a slot game that draws its essence from the intricate and profound realm of tattoos, celebrating their rich heritage and the stories they tell. Tattoos, once markers of rites of passage and tribal affiliations, have evolved into expressions of individuality and art. This game mirrors that evolution, encapsulating a vast array of designs that have cultural, historical, and personal significance. From dragons and tribal patterns to skulls and roses, each spin unveils a tapestry of artistry, making it a unique experience amidst the vast sea of slot games.

How to Play Book of Tattoo Slot Game Online

Adjust Your Stake: Once the game loads at the Online Slots Lobby, players are greeted with intuitive controls. Begin by setting your desired wager amount per spin using the provided on-screen options.

Select Paylines: Book of Tattoo comes with multiple paylines that can be adjusted. Use the designated controls to determine the number of active paylines for your spin, keeping in mind that more active paylines can enhance your winning prospects.

Commence the Spin: With your bet settings fine-tuned, hit the ‘Spin’ button. As the reels come alive, watch out for the myriad of tattoo-inspired symbols that could form lucrative patterns.

Engage Autoplay: If you’re in the mood for uninterrupted gameplay, the ‘Auto Play’ feature is at your disposal. Activate it to let the game run for a specified number of spins automatically.

Bonuses and Features at Book of Tattoo Slot Game

Book Wild and Scatter: The eponymous ‘Book’ symbol serves a dual purpose. It acts as both the Wild, substituting for other symbols to complete winning combinations, and the Scatter, which can unlock special bonus rounds.

Free Spins Bonus: By landing three or more ‘Book’ Scatters, players are ushered into a free spins round. Here, one symbol is randomly chosen to act as an expanding symbol, covering entire reels and increasing the potential for bigger wins.

Tattoo Bonus Game: Unique to Book of Tattoo, this feature activates upon landing specific combinations. Players are presented with a book of tattoos, and by selecting designs, they can unveil hidden prizes, adding an interactive element to the gameplay.

Diverse Tattoo Symbols: From fierce dragons and serene butterflies to enigmatic tribal designs, each symbol in the game carries its own weight and value. These symbols not only enhance the visual appeal but also play a pivotal role in determining payouts.

Book of Tattoo slot game, with its blend of captivating visuals and compelling gameplay mechanics, offers a refreshing take in the world of slot games. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or a player seeking a novel gaming experience, this game, available in the Online Slots Lobby, promises an unforgettable journey.

6- Reel Slots

When you decide to play with real money, there are two options: playing with 5 reels or 6 reels. The 5-reel game lets you bet from 0.40 credits to 50.00 coins. The 6-reel game lets you bet from 0.80 to 100.00 credits, which is double the amount.

Playing with 6 reels gives more chances to win than 5 reels. This is clear when you look at the game’s prize list. If you match six same symbols on the 10 lines, you win more than if you match just five. For example, six skull symbols give a prize of 7,500 times your bet, but five skulls give only 2,500 times. The game gives back 95.40% of the money players put in.