Taking inspiration from the nation’s cherished ’99 flake’ ice cream, Eyecon has masterfully churned a classic treat into a digital delight with 99 Time, a thrilling online slot sensation. Exclusive to Online Slots Lobby, this game isn’t just a feast for the eyes but also offers a taste of sweet, sweet victory!

Don’t forget your sunglasses and most comfortable shorts; you’re about to dive into a sun-drenched, beach-themed extravaganza! With its vibrant, eye-catching backdrop, 99 Time invites you to a straightforward 3×5 slot experience, perfect for newcomers and seasoned players alike. And guess what? The fun kicks off with spins costing as little as £0.01!

How to Play 99 Time Slot Online

Have you ever faced the disappointment of not finding your local ice-cream van? No more real-life struggles! With the 99 Time slot game, not only do you find your favourite treats, but you also stand a chance to sweeten your day with exciting wins! Indulge in a gaming environment where every spin is as enjoyable as a scoop of your favourite flavour!

99 Time slot captures the essence of a funfair adventure with its simple gameplay and dynamic ambiance, ensuring every player an entertaining experience. What’s more thrilling than merging the nostalgia of ice-cream with the adrenaline rush of online slots?

Getting started is as easy as enjoying a cone on a sunny day! Here’s what you need to know:

Flexible Bets: Start your spins with a minimum risk of just £0.01p! With the adjustable betting system, select how many of the 25 paylines you want to wager on. If you’re feeling lucky, ramp it up to a maximum of £0.50p per line, going as high as a total bet of £12.50.

Easy Controls: Say goodbye to complicated gaming! Just hit the orange arrow, and watch the reels unveil your fortune. It’s that straightforward!

Winning Opportunities: Get the party started by landing matching symbols. Celebrate as you see your wager multiply with each successful payline!

Extra Surprises: The game boasts not one, but two Scatter symbols, adding that extra layer of excitement. What do they do? Keep reading; the secret to big wins lies ahead!

Free Spins Symbol for 99 Slot Game

Ice cream vans should have lots of small surprises, right? That’s why the 99 Time game has a few tricks up its sleeve too. If you’re in luck, you can find two special symbols that might pop up and give you free spins or make your points bigger.

In the 99 Time slot game, you can also win chances to play without using any points! You need to find three ice-cream van pictures while you’re playing. How many free goes you get depends on how many van pictures you find:

  • 3 pictures = 15 free goes
  • 4 pictures = 20 free goes
  • 5 pictures = 25 free goes

And you can’t miss the van – it’s bright pink with a huge 99 snack on top. It looks super tasty!

Symbols and Payouts

An ice-cream van isn’t complete without the person making the ice creams! Dressed in the classic bow tie and white hat, you might see the ice-cream seller pop up while you’re playing. If he shows up three times anywhere on the screen, you’ll start a cool new part of the game.

In this part, you become the ice-cream seller! You try to make an excellent ice cream by choosing things like cones, sprinkles, thin sweet wafers, and more. Each choice hides a surprise that could increase your points. Maybe you’ll even hit the big 100-point bonus!

Winning Extra Points

Is there anywhere better to eat ice-cream than at the beach? 99 Time takes you to a sunny beach scene, with a comfy chair set up for you to look at the beautiful blue sea. It’s always sunny in this game!

You’ll see all different yummy flavours like chocolate, mint, strawberry, and even frozen sweets. Everyone can find a flavour they like in the 99 Time game. These tasty pictures make the game colourful and fun, and the best one is the 99 snack – if you get five of them, you win 5000 points!

You’ll also see the ice-cream van and the person who makes the ice creams. These pictures could give you free games or bigger points if you find three or more of them. Don’t worry, these extra fun parts aren’t tricky, but they’re a nice bonus!

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