One of the most sought-after versions of the game, European Blackjack online is challenging and intriguing in equal measure. It remains one of the most popular card games served up by Online Slots Lobby. With a reduced number of decks, players will fancy their chances of beating the casino.

For most people, the basic premise of Blackjack is simple to grasp. You will be aware of the rules of how you need to hit 21 or if you go bust, you will lose. At Online Slots Lobby, we have a demo mode, so you can get a feel for the game before placing down real money.

Online European Blackjack has some intricacies compared to other Blackjack variants, but at Online Slots Lobby, we have all bases covered to delight our loyal players. Ultimately, European Blackjack is great for those who want to try something a little different without straying too far away from the beaten track. For those that like to play on the move, our game will suit mobile devices.

Let’s now take a deep dive into the European blackjack game by uncovering the style of the game, as well as how you can bolster your chances of success.

Play European Blackjack online

You may still feel a bit in the dark at this stage about what is European Blackjack. Compared to its American counterpart, there are certainly a few nuances when it comes to mastering how to play European Blackjack. Most notably, one of the specific European Blackjack rules, is that if a dealer gets Blackjack, then it beats any other 21-value hand, except if you have Blackjack.

At Online Slots Lobby, you can entertain a few options. You can either choose to hit if you want to pick up another card. If you are more conservative, you can elect to stand or you can push the Turbo mode for faster play.

Some fabulous features are waiting in store for you. Among them are the standard side bets – Insurance, Double Down and Split Hand. With the insurance, if the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can make this bet to insure your hand. Whereas with the split rule, you can split only the same value card, and this can be done just once.

European Blackjack online comes with a theoretical RTP of 99.60%, and while there are some limitations imposed on players, this shouldn’t deter from what is a great game. We are always looking for ways to enrich your casino experience, so have a go today at European Blackjack and see what you think.